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11-13 March 2022 CET


Welcome onboard, in this participation guide you will find all information you need prior to the weekend. During the event, all further communication will take place within the platform Eventornado.

  • ACCESS PLATFORM From at the 25th of February you may go to Eventornado and register  Click on the “Participate” button to sign up. Each participant needs to register individually. On the platform you can find the 5 challenges outlined in detail. 
  • IDEA COLLECTION If you have an idea for one of the challenges and want to start a team, this is the time! Click "Post Idea" and pitch how you aim to solve the challenge, make it short as a twitter-post. If you don't have an idea, wait until next phase. By submitting an idea you become the Team Lead and will be responsible for reviewing the request of hackers who want to join your team.
  • TEAM FORMATION On Friday March 4th you will be able to join a team. Either you find a team by looking through the posted Ideas of any that appeals to you, or you look for a team that is missing a skill you possess. Cross-cultural teams will be beneficial throughout the hack.

The Engineering for Humanity Weekend kicks of the 11th of March with an opening ceremony. After the ceremony it's time you make up your mind (if you haven't already)and request to join one of the existing teams. Ones you have a team as well as an idea to work on, your team gets assigned an internal chatroom. The chat will appear in Eventornado on the day the start of Team formation. You will be added to the private group with your team automatically, here you can have both written communication but also video meetings. In addition to your private chat you will find the rest of the communication platform in the same view including the channels:  

  • #Announcements: For official announcements by organizers 
  • #General: For general communication among participants 
  • #Ask-organizers: Get help from organizers
  • #Ask-the-mentors: Reach out to get support from all mentors
  • #Challenge-discussion: Find and share ideas and input for your ideas
  • #Team-formation: Pitch your idea and what skills you are missing, or pitch yourself!
  • #Random: For fun stuff and stuff unrelated to the event 
  • #Tools: Found any good tools other might find beneficial, post it here! Ex. forMockups, cloud platforms etc, here you may find real treasures!
  • #Experience-tasks: In this channel a new task will be posted every now and then

Your Team mentor will be dropped in your chat room a few hours after the opening ceremony. The mentor is there to make sure you are making progress and the most out of the 42h. He/she will schedule checkpoints or just check in once in a while to see if you have any questions he/she can help out with. If you need any assistance or support outside of these checkpoints please reach out in the Mentor chat and someone will be there to help.


  • Team-meeting:  To start of the journey with your team after the opening ceremony its recommended to set up an initial video call to get to know your teammates and their skills. If you don't know where to start don't hesitate to call in a mentor to help you navigate the initial project management. 
  • Ideation & brainstorming: Use a digital whiteboard such as Miro for collaboration on brainstorming, inspiration & references, Kanban planning, team activities and even mockups.
  • Prototyping: Create fully-interactive low or high-fidelity prototypes that look and work like your solution should. Search for Mockup & Prototyping and try some tools out.
  • Coding: If your solution involves coding, work collaboratively on your code to build a proof of concept on platforms such as Github, here's two guides for beginners on how to get started, blog post + Githubs documentation. Please note, it is not expected to have a fully functioning solution or code at all. 
  • Prepare submission: Go through the submission details and make sure you have everything asked for, a video pitching your idea/showing your prototype etc. (See next section for details on submission)
  • Use the skills: The mentors are here only for you, do not hesitate to send out a request in the mentor channel to just bounce ideas or to get technical support. Example of posts you may post in the chat "Mentor request to Team SuperEngineers! We are stuck and need support, anyone available?" or "Mentor request to Team 007! Anyone skilled with APIs or open data available? " 

Please note, the above is just a suggested worflow, you may spend the 42h however you please! 


On Saturday the 12th you will enter the check point phase. This is where your Team lead  (who created the Idea) will need to go back into the Idea in Eventornado and click "Edit Idea". In order to move on to the second half of the hackathon you will need to answer 3 questions, this is to confirm your team is still active and aim to submit a solution the next day. 

  • What challenge are you working on?
  • Who are in your team?
  • Any assistance needed? 


On the day of submission the Team lead will need to submit the final solution by again clicking "Edit Idea" responding to the new questions under the Idea tab. The questions will appear as soon as you have passed the check point phase. 

The final submission will include: 

  • [text] Idea description: How does your idea solve the challenge?
  • [video or ppt] Team execution and demo: Show us what you have done! Please submit a demo of your solution in a video or ppt. 
  • [text] Global reach and impact: How big is the potential impact of the idea? The solution will be evaluated on scalability and impact.
  • [text] Feasibility Whats your game plan to bring the idea to life? With the right stakeholders and partners, can you see this solution go live?


Once your solution has been submitted, it will be evaluated by a jury consisting of industry experts and stakeholders. The jury will evaluate all submissions based on the potential, impact, quality and creativity. 


    After you've submitted your solution you might wonder what’s next, can I keep working on the project? EWB is already trying to tackle these challenges in ongoing field projects, if they see potential in your idea, the national case contributor [EWB Sweden, Norway, Finland or Germany] will reach out and ask for collaboration. Perhaps you will be out there in field implementing your solution any time soon! :) (You do not need to win in order to be approached)


    Idea collection

    A week before the event starts you will be able to submit an initial idea to one of the challenges, you then become the Team lead of your Idea. In the next phase, other participants will be able to request to join your team to work on your idea during the weekend.

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    Engineering debrief

    This is the time to engage with your fellow team mates and get a brief of what the weekend will be all about. Join in to meet the organizing team and get all your questions answered! 

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    Please join in to onboard the weekend with your fellow hackers at the opening ceremony! Here you will get all information you need in order to master the upcoming 42 hours engineering for humanity.  You may follow the stream here: https://www.engineeringforhuma... 

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    Let's start hacking

    Its now time to set up an initial video call with your team to get to know your teammates, their skills, and kick-start the brainstorming and ideation phase!

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    Mentors in duty

    From now on there will be a team of skilled mentors available to assist you in any challenges that pop up. In addition to the response mentors each team will be assigned a checkin mentor who will schedule checkpoints with you. 

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    Half way check point

    Just to make sure your team is still actively working on the idea you will need to confirm your status half way into the hackathon. 

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    Submission & Closing Ceremony

    Deadline for each team to submit their final solution

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    Jury evaluations


    The winners are announced in an award ceremony streamed through the hackathon platform. Directly following the award ceremony, all submitted solutions will be published on the hackathon platform (winning solutions highlighted), available to the public.

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