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11-13 March 2022 CET


What is this all about? Engineering for Humanity is a problem-solving event where people with different skills collaborate in teams to develop prototypes to a specific problem during a defined time frame (42h). It is considered to be a playful and effective method to spark creativity and new ideas.

Do I need any special skills to join? No special skills are required. The important thing is that you want to be involved. Engineering for Humanity is for you who want to develop your skills in problem solving, creativity and innovation and contribute to boost EWBs impact and the SDG. With that said, since it's about working in groups with sustainable solutions for the future, you are welcome to be a curious team player with an interest in sustainability and digitalisation.

Do I need to be active all 42h? No, you are not expected to be active all 42h, there are no requirements for how many hours one needs to be online or when one needs to be available, it is entirely up to you and your team how you prefer to spend the time. Just make sure not to miss the half way checkpoint and submission deadlines! 

Is it only for hackers or developers? No, everyone with great ideas will take us forward. The more diverse group of participants the better!

I have no team, can I join anyway? Sure! Many sign up without a team and then either find their team themselves in our hacking platform when we're getting closer to the hack, or get matched by us.

Can I sign up with my team? Pre-formed teams are welcome, but everyone has to sign up individually for the event. Pre-existing teams are also free to incorporate new people in case they want to bring new participants on board.

How many can we be in a team? A team is a minimum of 2 people. You can be as many or as few as you want, but  we recommend a team size of 3-8 people.

What equipment do I need? A computer and wifi, that's it!

Is there a fee? No, it's free to participate.

Who owns the outcomes? Ideas, prototypes, services or other material produced during the event and included in the competition are owned by the authors themselves. We encourage sharing code, thoughts and ideas and doing so open source through an MIT license or creative commons, but this is not a requirement.

Who will be in the Jury? The Jury will be composed of subject-matter experts from our case challenge providing organizations as well as representatives from our sponsor & partner organizations 

Will there be any mentors that will help us during the event? Yes! A variety of mentors from different fields will be helping teams throughout the event 48 hours is not enough time

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