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11-13 March 2022 CET

Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

The Engineering for Humanity Award goes to Plastic recycling plant with team Gustavo Villaescusa Escudero, Javier Poveda, Jan Sopejstal and Emilio Domínguez Sánchez.

Motivation: "Well presented with a high level of detail that in a clear way addresses the challenge. Great market and scalability thanks to mobility and compactness. Technically the team elaborated very far with a proper model and sketch. A solution well in line with Humanitarian Engineering.”

All final submissions can be found here:

A humanitarian impact sprint

Join us for a 42 hour digital event with participants from different countries uniting to bounce ideas and come up with innovative solutions. Let’s work together to create a lasting impact for the communities who need it the most. Welcome!

Engineering for Humanity is a two-day virtual event organized by Engineers Without Borders Sweden (EWB-SWE) and openhack where participants will collaborate to solve humanitarian engineering challenges. The event takes place online during a 42-hour period, between 11th - 13th of March 2022.

The event aims to boost the impact of EWB-SWE’s and openhack’s work to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.) The cases are provided by the Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish EWB organizations and derive from ongoing international projects.

The goal is to boost the impact of EWB’s international projects and enable large scale collaboration and foster innovation on humanitarian challenges addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). This will be pursued by enabling further development and implementation of the most promising solutions, through collaboration and support from partners and interested stakeholders.

Impact through collaboration

The event will focus on the creation of new ideas and solutions to address the UN SDGs. The cases are provided by the EWB entities of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany - and are either based on or related to ongoing international projects within five key themes: 

  1. ♻️ Recycling & Waste Management
  2. 📚 Education 
  3. 👩‍🏫 Capacity Building
  4. 🏗️ Construction

See the platform to view full case challenges!

During 42 hours participants will work in teams to generate solutions that can help solve the challenges presented. Their results will be evaluated by a jury consisting of industry experts. A diverse group of mentors will be available to support all teams with domain knowledge, process guidance, implementation and design.

After the event, support will be offered to the teams that present the winning solutions. The aim is to further develop the solutions and explore how/if they can be integrated into ongoing EWB projects or realized through standalone initiatives.


The event takes place online and is open to everyone interested in generating innovative solutions and boosting the impact of EWB's international projects. Whether you are a student, an engineer, a change maker, or simply interested in innovation and ideation, you are welcome to register for the event.

Join us in making humanitarian engineering an inclusive, creative, and collaborative space. We need everyone's perspective, ideas and skills to solve humanitarian challenges.

Sign up below to receive more information and secure your spot for the event. Registration follows a two-step process, through which you will confirm your participation by creating a profile on the hackathon platform. Participation is free of charge and signing up (first step of registration) is non-binding.

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Partner with us

Companies and organizations are invited to actively take part in the event and support the development of the most promising solutions. Interested in supporting the event as a partner? We would love to hear from you and are happy to discuss options of how to contribute as a partner organization - reach out to explore opportunities.

Contact us at:


Idea collection

A week before the event starts you will be able to submit an initial idea to one of the challenges, you then become the Team lead of your Idea. In the next phase, other participants will be able to request to join your team to work on your idea during the weekend.

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Engineering debrief

This is the time to engage with your fellow team mates and get a brief of what the weekend will be all about. Join in to meet the organizing team and get all your questions answered! 

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Please join in to onboard the weekend with your fellow hackers at the opening ceremony! Here you will get all information you need in order to master the upcoming 42 hours engineering for humanity.  You may follow the stream here: https://www.engineeringforhuma... 

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Let's start hacking

Its now time to set up an initial video call with your team to get to know your teammates, their skills, and kick-start the brainstorming and ideation phase!

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Mentors in duty

From now on there will be a team of skilled mentors available to assist you in any challenges that pop up. In addition to the response mentors each team will be assigned a checkin mentor who will schedule checkpoints with you. 

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Half way check point

Just to make sure your team is still actively working on the idea you will need to confirm your status half way into the hackathon. 

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Submission & Closing Ceremony

Deadline for each team to submit their final solution

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Jury evaluations


The winners are announced in an award ceremony streamed through the hackathon platform. Directly following the award ceremony, all submitted solutions will be published on the hackathon platform (winning solutions highlighted), available to the public.

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